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Does the idea of taking care of yourself overwhelm you because you don't know where to start? Do you believe a solid self-care routine would benefit you greatly, but you are wondering where you will find the time and money needed?

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From All The Ways To Deepen Inner Peace, This Is Our Favourite

Based on the seven main chakras of the body, the SADHANA Approach offers a holistic way to explore our Self, leaning into self-acceptance, one step at a time, until a state of deep inner peace ensues.

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Self-Exploration Opportunities

There are many ways to deepen our inner peace - we choose the exploration of our Self with the intent of fully accepting who we are, as we are.

The following invitations are a great place to start your journey. :-)

The Chit Quiz

Know which element needs more love right now

The Chit Show

Exploring our Self one episode at a time

Our online community to connect and grow together

The Chit Shop

A few elements to add to your self-care routine

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Our seminars and classes are rooted in the SADHANA approach, guiding you toward profound inner peace for a more fulfilling life. Through self-exploration and acceptance, we embark on a transformative journey, gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and making decisions that reshape our lives. Embracing our true essence as amazing Souls, we discover inner peace by releasing self-imposed barriers to love, enabling us to fully savor life as it is meant to be.

Seminars & Classes

The SADHANA Approach

Based on the seven main chakras of the body, the SADHANA approach was created to offer a way to holistically explore our Self with curiosity and openness, resulting in a deeper self-knowledge that invites us to accept ourself fully with love and compassion.

From self-ignorance, we discover and grow through self-awareness, self-respect, self-worth, self-love, self-expression, self-responsibility, and self-understanding, lean one step at a time into self-acceptance.

This approach, addressing each element of our life - from our physical plane to our divine aspect - is ideal to better any and all situations.