How These Invitations Work

All our invitations are based on the SADHANA approach, ultimately guiding you towards a deeper inner peace so that you enjoy more of life. In a nutshell...

We explore our Self with curiosity and openness.

Any self-acceptance journey starts with self-discovery - each step gives us a deeper understanding of ourself, with which we can make better decisions that transform our lives.

We accept ourself as the amazing Soul we truly are.

We find inner peace - which was always in us - when we let go of all the self-imposed barriers for and to love. We fully enjoy our life, as it is meant to be.

Self-Exploration Opportunities

The Chit Quiz

Know which element needs more love right now

The Chit Show

Exploring our Self one episode at a time

Our online community to connect and grow together

The Chit Shop

A few elements to add to your self-care routine

Seminars & Classes